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PADS 9.1 新增功能介绍

※PADS 9.1 新增功能介绍
The PADS® 9.1 release is a full flow release that delivers functional enhancements to various software. Please see more details below. As with all releases, it also includes defect fixes: see the Release Notes on the SupportNet download page and topics below which indicate programs that have been updated in PADS 9.1.
PADS 9.1更新了很多功能,并向多种软件提供强大的支持。详情请看以下介绍。本次相关程序修正信息列表请参阅原厂网站的Release Notes或参考“Release Highlights PADS 9.1 – PADS 9.1_rn “中文.PDF该文件即可。
Your Mentor Ideas Implemented in PADS 9.1
Several enhancements for PADS 9.1 came directly from suggestions by our users on the Mentor Ideas for PADS Site. Many thanks to all of you who posted ideas, voted on others' ideas, and added comments or suggestions to help other users. Your feedback gave the PADS team a clear idea of what was important to you. We especially want to thank:
PADS 9.1一些新增的功能采纳了网站上客户的建议。非常感谢客户大力支持!
• Klaus for “searchable PDF output from PADS Layout”
在PADS Layout中建立PDF
• Rkensparc for “have verify design – clearance tell you the actual distance between violations”
verify design – clearance将显示违反的实际间距
• ChuckD for “expand Display Colors selection screen”
增大Display Colors选择屏幕
• Fat-B and marcelgl for “ODB++ output from PADS Layout”
PADS Layout可输出ODB++格式
• Tom Araya for “fix verify design (design rule checking for gap in differential pairs)”
• Several users for “ability to tie two nets together”
• Several users for “Update from Library for PADS Layout”
PADS Layout中新增Update from Library
New Evaluation Guide
A new evaluation guide has been created that covers all products in the PADS Suite. Please see the pads_eval_guide.pdf file in the \evaluation_documents folder at the root of the CD or CD image. It’s also installed with the software and after installation, you can also access the file on the Start menu (Start menu > All Programs > Mentor Graphics SDD > PADS 9.1 > PADS Evaluation Guide).
新的提升指南已经涵盖到PADS的所有产品,详见:开始菜单 > 所有程序 > Mentor Graphics SDD > PADS 9.1 > PADS Evaluation Guide
DxDesigner and the Symbol Editor have been enhanced to fully support designs

and symbols based on metric grid settings. The user may now set up both DxDesigner and the Symbol Editor to use metric grids

to three decimal places. The settings are available from the File – Preferences
dialog in the Symbol Editor.
When the symbol editor is launched from DxDesigner the grid is based on the
settings in DxDesigner.
When using Metric Grids there is a new
High Precision setting in the Symbol Editor Properties dialog. Symbols created using the High Precision setting are written in a new format that cannot be interpreted by older versions of the software.
This setting may also be set to Backward Compatible and symbols will be saved in the lower precision format used in earlier releases of the software. In the earlier releases of the software which did not have the new high precision capability, Metric Symbol Grids were based on a multiple of 0.01 inch grids. For this reason you would see odd metric values when setting a metric grid in the Symbol Editor.
新的DxDesigner与符号编辑器(Symbol Editor)已经完全支持公制单位的设计,并支持精准度小数点后三位的运算,也可随时切换设计单位方便设计调整。符号编辑器(Symbol Editor)在启动时,会自动同步依照DxDesigner的使用单位,使用者不在需要自行调整单位设定。新的符号编辑器(Symbol Editor)亦支持高精准度模式。该高精准度模式可于符号建立时控制与否,让符号的单位转换误差降至最低。旧版本的符号并不支持新的高精准度模式,但可由符号转换器转换成旧的格式进行格式兼容。
PADS ES suite users are now provided licensing to run a version of DxDataBook. When running DxDataBook using the PADS ES suite license you can use either Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access to store data.
PADS ES 的使用者现在也支持运行DxDataBook。该版本的DXDataBook支持由Microsoft Excel 与Microsoft Access 格式的数据库,可直接运行于DxDesigner中。
PADS Logic, Layout, Router
PADS Archiver



The ability to archive your complete design project is now available from within PADS. This includes schematic designs (PADS Logic and DxDesigner projects), PCB designs and libraries, and additional user defined folders and files. If a PDF output license exists, PADS Archiver will generate a PDF file at the time of the archive. Output of this archive can be directed either to a folder or a compressed (zipped) file.
The Archive dialog box is accessed from the File menu in PADS Logic, Layout, or Router, and will prompt you through the Archive options.
图设计档案 ( PADS Logic和DXDesigner ),PCB设计档案,零件库档案与使
压缩檔格式。PADS归档的功能选项,可在PADS Logic,PADS Layout,PADS Router


PDF output from PADS Logic has been available
 for several years with the PADS Logic PDF option.
With the release of PADS 9.1, this option is being
added to the core PADS Logic functionality. All
PADS Logic licenses now have the ability to
output PDF from PADS Logic - at no extra cost.
之前在PADS Logic中的创建PDF一直是选购项,
在PADS 9.1更新之后,这个功能已被加入到
PADS Logic的基本功能里,现在所有PADS Logic
PADS Layout
Update from Library – PADS Layout
PADS Layout从零件库更新
In PADS 9.0 Update from Library for PADS Logic was introduced. With PADS 9.1, Update from Library for PADS Layout is now available. This feature allows the user to generate a report of any differences detected between the part type and/or decal definitions in the circuit to those in the library. The user can then choose to update the circuit with the part type/decal definitions found in the library to ensure the most recent library information is being used.
Items compared include: part type and decal definitions, all attributes, labels, decal rules, time stamps, and much more. For a full list of items compared, please refer to the documentation.
PADS 9.0 Logic已添加Update from Library。PADS 9.1 Layout也实现了Update from Library。这功能可以让使用者针对电路与零件库中的零件名称或者零件外包装名称产生一个差異报告。使用者会选择最新零件库信息,将新的零件或者零件外包装更新到电路上。比较项目包括:元件和封装的定义,所有属性,标签,封装规则,时间设定等等。详细可见下图:
Decal Wizard Enhancements
The PADS Decal Wizard has been enhanced to allow the user to parametrically add information for a decal from the component’s datasheet, and based on the IPC-7351A standard, the decal information will be generated. Data automatically generated include pad stacks, component outlines (placement, silkscreen, and assembly), solder, and paste mask. Decal names can automatically be generated based on IPC-7351A naming conventions.
The new decal wizard enhancements will significantly decrease the time to create a new decal, while increasing the accuracy. The traditional dialog box driven decal wizard is still available.
PADS的封装精灵可让使用者利用Datasheet的信息创建一个正确的数值建立封装并符合IPC-7351A的标准。自动的产生数据,包含焊垫的尺寸,零件的外框( Placement,Silkscreen与Assembly )防焊层和锡膏层。封装的名称可自动依照IPC-7351A的标准封装名称建立。
Smart PDF Output from PADS Layout
PADS Layout输出PDF
Smart, searchable PDF is now available directly from PADS Layout. Searchable items include visible component reference designators, pin numbers, attribute labels, test items on non-electrical layers, pins by name, and net names. Bookmarks can be set to easily locate information. User defined configuration schemes can be defined and reused on other PCB designs. The PDF document will inherit the color map from the design it was created from. If assembly options are defined in the PCB design, PDF output will include assembly drawing images for each variant。
This new output is accessible from File menu > Create PDF。
PADS Layout可导出一份有搜索功能的PDF档案。搜索项目包括,板内零件,pin numbers, attribute labels, 非电气层的测试项目, pins name, 和网络名称。书签可以很容易的锁定信息。PDF档案保持原有设计中的颜色设定。若在PCB设计中定义了assembly层,PDF输出则包含assembly的每个信息。
新增功能操作方式为File > Create PDF。
Net Bridging
New for PADS 9.1, Net Bridging allows the user to create a physical connection between two or more nets, such as analog and digital ground. This connection is a user defined copper shape. The design verification routines have been updated so that this copper shape, once defined as a net bridge, will then ensure that the two (or more) nets that are tied together at that one point are indeed connected, and no other clearance violations of these nets exist.
The find command has been updated with a “Find Nets with Bridges” option.
PADS 9.1允许使用者利用绘制Copper來建立一个或者多个Bridging Net形成连接。在设计检查执行上也有了更新。所以这个Copper外型的设计同样会有一个NET的属性,也会保持当时的那两个或许多NET在某一个点上形成真正的连接,并不会与另外一个NET有安全间距上的违规。在Find的指令中也增加了"Find Nets with Bridges"的项目更新。




ODB++ Output      
ODB++ files are now available directly from PADS Layout. File menu > Export > ODB++ will generate this new file format.
PADS Layout可导出ODB++的档案格式。File > Export 选择ODB++即可产生一份新的ODB++格式档案。如下图:


Show Actual Distance in Layout Verify Design Errors
When clearance violations are found in Verify Design, the actual distance between objects is now displayed. The violation report in the Verify Design dialog has been updated to show this distance.
Modeless Commands
The modeless “Z” command has been updated to provide more consistency between PADS Layout and Router. “Z Z” has been added to both Layout and Router to behave as “Z *” (Display all layers).
在PADS Layout and Router中“Z”的热键再次更新。“Z Z”可在PADS Layout and Router中都能显示所有层的物件。
PADS Layout and Router allows the user to store displayed layer configurations with “Z S”. With “Z R”, the user can now view available saved configurations, and pick one from a list.
PADS Layout and Router里,“Z S”支持用户存储当前显示层面的物件,“Z R”呼叫储存设定的显示。
The modeless command “SO” has been added to set the board origin. “SOA” has been added to deal with absolute coordinates.
Differential Gap in PADS Layout
In PADS Layout, the differential pair gap value was ignored. For PADS Layout, this value is now considered as a trace to trace clearance rule. This will allow Design Verification to detect any gap, or now trace to trace violations, of this setting in PADS Layout. It also prevents false trace to trace clearance violations.

在之前的PADS Layout检查中是忽略差分线的间距的。现在的PADS Layout中,差分线间距被作为线到线的规则做检查。

GUI Updates
The Collaboration (Markups) dialog window is now dockable.
The Display Color Setup Dialog window is now resizable, and has been modified to allow for quicker color assignments.
Collaboration (Markups)对话框现在可以锁定。


Display Units of Measure
The current units of measure are now displayed on the status bar.
Selection Report Command
A Selection Report command has been added to the View menu and certain pop-up menus. It will generate a report of what items are currently selected.
在View菜单增加了“Selection Report”的命令并弹出对话框。可对当前被选择的项目产生报告。
Multi-Selection When Adding Libraries
It is now supported to select more than one library at a time while in the Library List dialog box to manage your libraries.
Translator Import Formats
The following additional translator formats have been added to Layout’s File
可直接利用PADS Layout的File > Import进行读取下列的软件格式。

File > Import:

• Protel 99SE
• Protel PCB98
• Protel DXP / Altium Designer
• CADSTAR PCB design Files
• CADSTAR PCB archives
3D PCB Viwer
Support for new objects has been added:
• Route Outline
• Route Keepout
• Via Keepout
Authorization Codes
No changes to authorization codes (license file) are required for this release. However, the exact access date has increased to 2009.11. For more information about the exact access date, please see the following SupportNet page:
在此版本中,您不需要更改授权证明。但PADS 9.1的最低授权版本需求码为
You can download a current copy of your authorization codes from the following
SupportNet page:
You may request your existing or updated authorization codes by opening a non-technical Service Request on SupportNet:
For additional information on licensing, refer to the Licensing Mentor Graphics Software manual.
Installation Information
PADS 9.1 is a completely separate installation from previous PADS releases. It use the same libraries and binary formats as PADS 9.0 for PADS Layout, Logic and Router. The Installation path for PADS 9.1 is still C:\MentorGraphics, but installs using a new folder to prevent overwriting an existing software installation. While PADS 9.1 installs the unique C:\MentorGraphics\9.1PADS folder and does not overwrite previous PADS installations, you should back up your existing PADS installation, designs and libraries prior to installing PADS 9.1. See the CD insert (also available as instalcd.pdf in the\release_documents folder of the download image) and the PADS Installation and Licensing Guide (\release_documents\ manage_sw_pcb.pdf in the download image) for detailed installation instructions and a list of compatible programs. For additional information on installation, refer to Managing Mentor Graphics PCB Systems Software manual and the help system within the installation software. You can view this manual in the release_documents directory at the top level of the CD or download image.
PADS 9.1是一套完整的安装版本,与现在使用者所使用PADS 9.0的零件库跟
格式都相同。安装路径预设为:C:\MentorGraphics\9.1PADS。PADS 9.1并不会
覆盖之前的PADS版本,建议您应该备份您现有的PADS设计与零件库,然后再进行安装PADS 9.1 。详细的安装指示与兼容程序,您可以在CD的 \release_documents\看到相关的說明文件。
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